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Name: Pyrrho

Abbreviation: PYO

Type: Smart contract

Blockchain: BNB Chain

Address: 0xe6DF015f66653EcE085A5FBBa8d42C356114ce4F


Pyrrho is a virtual resource that was named after the Greek philosopher Pyrrho of Elis, whose followers advocated epoché (suspension of judgment) as a better way to achieve equanimity than reliance on dogmatism.

Pyrrho, like Bitcoin, is fully decentralized, with no central management or control. Unlike Bitcoin, which was created on its own blockchain, Pyrrho was created by deploying a smart contract on the BNB Chain. Additionally, while Bitcoin was created as a peer-to-peer electronic cash system, Pyrrho was created as a social currency token.

Both Bitcoin and Pyrrho have maximum quantities built into their design. The maximum quantity of Bitcoin that is permitted by its blockchain is 21 million coins. The maximum quantity of Pyrrho is 5 billion tokens.


The smallest quantity of Bitcoin recognized by its blockchain is called a Satoshi. A coin on the Bitcoin blockchain is a unit of measurement that represents a quantity of Bitcoin that is equal to 100 million Satoshi.


The smallest quantity of Pyrrho recognized by its blockchain is a PYO molecule. A token of Pyrrho on the BNB Chain is a unit of measurement that represents 1 quintillion PYO molecules.


The total quantity of Bitcoin increases over time through mining until the algorithmic limit is reached. By contrast, the total quantity of Pyrrho decreases over time as the smart contract automatically sends 5% of each transaction on the blockchain to a "dead" wallet. Quantities of Pyrrho sent to the dead wallet can never be retrieved and are therefore effectively destroyed.


The current supply of Pyrrho can be ascertained by subtracting the quantity of Pyrrho in the dead wallet from the maximum possible quantity.


Ownership of the Pyrrho smart contract was renounced, so the functions within it can never be changed. As long as the BNB Chain continues to operate, Pyrrho will continue to exist in its present form.


A permanent liquidity pool was established on the decentralized exchange PancakeSwap by burning Cake-LP tokens. Additional Cake-LP tokens have been locked in Unicrypt until the year 2100. Approximately one-third of the Cake-LP tokens that existed in January 2023 will unlock in Unicrypt on January 1, 2024. Anyone can add liquidity to the liquidity pool on PancakeSwap by depositing the required quantity of paired BNB and Pyrrho, and receiving Cake-LP tokens in return.

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